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Cyberathlethe Championship Series



The Cyberathlete Championship Series, better known as CCS, is an independent organization that specializes in Rainbow 6 Siege competition, founded by Rob Walker (@The3rdWalker), who was awarded a lifetime achievement award for Altruism in Esports by Ubisoft Entertainment (Video) . We are comprised of members of the Rainbow 6 community across all skill levels including casual players and retired professionals. 

We are consistently recognized as innovators in the Rainbow 6 Siege community for our ideas that are now widespread throughout every level of competitive play. Among other current standards of competitive play, CCS was the first organization to implement:

  • Unlimited overtime (OT)

  • A smaller map pool for competitive games

  • Swiss qualifiers

  • New Map veto structure

  • Displaying banned operators on-screen


CCS offers potential and current partners an array of services from project conceptualization through to completion and beyond. We create a comprehensive package custom to each customer's vision to ensure the best competition possible. In addition to standard scope, budget, logistical and schedule estimates and deliverables, CCS offers services which include:


  • Process design and operational improvement strategies

  • Risk assessment

  • Match fixture design & implementation

  • Full production staff including match observers, producers, and casting talent from a select pool of proven talent

  • Tournament and event production & hosting

  • Broadcasting packages including full graphics production

No matter the size of your project or the stage of its development, CCS is capable of and committed to accommodating your individual event organizational needs. Our team is ready to serve you and your community.


 Our services 

Do you need guidance from industry professionals?


You have the sponsors and the teams—now what? CCS uses our years of experience in esports league and tournament administration to bring your vision to life. From finding the right venue to cleanup after the grand finale, we know what it takes to wow your fans, and set up a live event that won't be soon forgotten.


Have the next great competition format, but never executed a tournament or league from start to finish? That's where we come in! We can help you refine your idea into a solid competition format through highlighting strengths and weaknesses, designing air tight rules and regulations to govern your competition, and the ability to handle the event from concept to broadcast—or just fill in the gaps!


We can take anything from a concept to a fully developed esports showcase and bring the show right to your fans via Twitch, YouTube, or other preferred streaming platforms. We have the ability to weave custom graphics, video & game feeds, and media assets into an exciting, engaging esports experience.


Logistics and staffing are two of the most involved and least glamorous aspects of hosting a gaming event, so why not let us take care of it for you? We can handle any aspect of your event, and can provide experienced individuals to fill in gaps missing in your own staff. From concept to the big show, we can likewise provide everything from stage, studios, cameras & audio, and graphics, all the way down to food and drinks for the attendees. 

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