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The most asked question of CCS- How?

CCS typically receives over fifty messages a week asking how players or teams can earn a spot to participate in the largest community league in Rainbow Six. In this article, we explain the steps to follow in order to get started in our leagues and tournaments. CCS is an esport event organization based out of the United States, created in May of 2017. Originally starting with a single league focused on Rainbow Six: Siege, we have quickly grown to become the largest community league for Rainbow Six in both the North American and European market. Our goal is to provide a premier environment to grow Rainbow Six Esports and facilitate this growth as much as possible. As of 2020 we have committed to running one league per year, one community event per year, and one tournament per year.

How do I find a team?

If you are currently a solo player and need more squad-mates to form a team we boast the largest, most active looking-for-team and looking-for-player database in all of Rainbow Six.

  1. Join the official CCS Discord server:

  2. Familiarize yourself with our server rules-and-info. You can find our most commonly answered questions here.

  3. Navigate to the role-assignment channel. If you're a player looking to access the Looking for Team or Looking for Scrim channels you will need to click on the regional flag that applies to you. (Note: You only need to click the reaction once, and you may need to wait upwards of 10 minutes upon joining the server to have the ability to react.)

  4. We offer a template that's pinned in the looking-for-team channels to give you an idea of how to advertise yourself or to look for other players.

LFT: [Region] [Intentions] [comp experience and qualifications] [Roles] [R6DB profile link] [additional information i.e. availability, age, playstyle]

LF[x]P: [Team name] [Region] [Team Intentions] [Team aggregate experience] [Roles needed] [additional information].

How do I enter my team in a CCS event?

The most straightforward answer is also the most boring: Wait.

  1. All information pertaining to CCS events will be pinned, messaged, announced, and advertised on all of our platforms. (Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and so on) What we can do for you is give you a general idea of the process.

  2. CCS will announce a league, tournament, or event. (We will pin these messages so they are visible for everyone at all times)

  3. CCS will commonly hold qualifier events. These tournaments will filter out over 1,000 teams every calendar year and ensure only the highest level of talent participate.

  4. The rules and information such as how many teams qualify will always be released ahead of time.

  5. CCS will provide links to a website where you can register your team and where we will host the bracket. (Battlefy, Toornament, Level Gaming,...)

  6. Your team will participate in qualifiers and if skilled enough will earn a spot in one of our events.

  7. Every new event will have a new set of qualifiers and if you fail to make it there will be other chances in the future!

Follow us to stay informed!

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