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CCS Partnering With Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly Events & Invitational

We are excited to announce that CCS and Nerd Street Gamers will partner for a series of monthly Rainbow 6 events in November and December, including an 16 team invitational style event in January.

What to know

On November 28-29 and December 19-20 CCS and NSG will combine efforts, hosting a 32 team double elimination qualifier event where teams will compete for a prize pool of $2,500! The top teams from these events will meet up in January to compete over three days for a minimum prize pool of $10,000. Winners from previous NSG events have already been invited to the January event:

- POGchamp

- Beastcoast

- Wichita Oblivion

- JoeAcademy

Not only do you have a chance through the open qualifiers, but the top two teams from CCS Season Five North America will also be automatically invited to participate in the January event! There are more surprises to come, including eight other teams that may prove to be the hardest test ever in your Rainbow Six career.

There are only 32 spots, don't miss out! (You must be 13 and older to participate)

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