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CCSW 2021


After a long wait, it’s time to announce the start of our next Women’s Rainbow Six event! In 2019 we crowned two champions, Artemis in North America (Ariana, Swagmander, Wolfie, Mahduhlyn, and Ares), and Team Queen in Europe (Shyshka, Shadow, Kitty, Mia, and LUUUN4)! Could they come back after two years and do it again? We’ll see!

For this event, CCSW will see a new format, mimicking a previous CCS event. Over nine weeks, eight North American teams, as well as eight European teams will compete in their respective regions over 9 weeks to crown a new (or old) champion. This nine-week format will be a double elimination fixture, with one play day per week, starting in June. All matches will be best-of-three, except for our finals. (Lower and Grand Finals will be best-of-five)

  • North America play days will be on Tuesdays, starting at 6:00 PM EST.

  • Europe play days will be on Thursdays, starting at 6:00 PM CEST.

A familiar sponsor will be making a return, as Logitech has graciously put up more prizes than the last event, with teams who finish 1-3 being awarded with some amazing Logitech gear. Every member on these teams will receive the following:

  • 1st Place - One Package Per Player - NA/EU

    • 1 x PRO X Headset

    • 1 x PRO X Keyboard

    • 1 x PRO Wireless mouse

  • 2nd Place - One Package Per Player - NA/EU

    • 1 x PRO X Headset

    • 1 x Pro Wireless Mouse

  • 3rd Place - One Package Per Player - NA/EU

    • 1x PRO X Headset


Different from last year, there will be qualifiers! These will be held on the final two weekends in May, where the top 4 teams in each double elimination bracket will qualify for the main event. Sign-up links will follow next week!


Some piece of our puzzle is still being put together. Stay tuned for the complete announcement!

More information on our social channels:

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