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April 2020 Update

We wanted to give everyone an update with CCS as we quickly approach the dates that were seen on our original roadmap for 2020. There will be some changes, and some new happenings to accommodate this crazy time we are all going through.

Esports and COVID-19

With a global pandemic being declared in March, much of the video gaming world and especially esports were shaken up. LAN events, Majors, and offline leagues being moved online have affected all of us and we want to make sure our players and fans can enjoy CCS. We’re trying to be the cornerstone of the Tier 2 scene in Rainbow 6 and think that it is best to let Ubisoft announce their plans for the upcoming competitive season before we begin season 5. It’s especially important to have as little overlap as possible with Ubisoft programs so our players aren’t burning themselves out and to reduce the chances of broadcasting during major playnights. Season 5 will be delayed for the time being but is still planned for the summer of 2020, and with CCSW still planned for the fall of 2020.

CCS, The Business

We have had the best year in the history of our company, switching our business model to offer services like production design, staffing, and hosting events. Taking various contracts allow us to compensate our staff for the first time in our history and infuse more money into our programs that you all participate in. We wish we could be more transparent on some of the opportunities we have on the horizon but believe what's to come is best for us and best for Rainbow 6 Esports. To all of our console players, we urge you to check out our latest partner, Viking Gaming League (Click here) , who host weekly console tournaments which are produced by CCS. You have a chance to win over $1,000 in these events and VGL intends to focus fully on console Rainbow 6.

Down But Not Out

CCS has a fun charity event planned for 2 weeks in May, proposed by Rainbow 6’s favorite UFC fighter, Mike Rodriguez (mrodmma) that will involve 4 professional teams playing a series of matches for you to enjoy and will be taking donations for COVID-19 relief. We will announce this in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

As always stay up to date on all things CCS by checking out our Twitter, or joining our Discord Server. If you’re looking for services, such as production staffing, design, please submit an inquiry on our website here.

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